What is it like to be a London escort

Lots of people wonder what it is like to be a London escort. Working as an escort in London may not seem that exciting to some people, and other people think it is a really strange business to be in. I have worked for London escort services for about five years, and I still enjoy it. In all honestly, It is not what I thought it would be neither. I thought it was going to be glamorous fun to start with but I soon learned that working for an escorts service in London is not that easy, and can be rather tough.

London escort in real life

London Escorts
London Escorts

Being an escort in London is a serious undertaking. The agency that I work for is pretty but very professional at the same time. Agencies here in London tend to be a bit cheeky, and many of them produce images of girls who are not really for real. The images have been heavily photo shopped, or the girl that you meet in the picture is not the girl you meet. The agency that I work for is not like that, an expects us to look our best all of the time. Like so many other escorts at the agency, I seem to spend hours at the gym

My day as a London escort may start early even though I have worked the night shift. I get up, having some light to eat and then I head for the gym. Weight lifting does not really get me going, but I do focus a lot on doing toning exercises and aerobic exercises. Keeping fit is an important part of the job, and if you are going to look the best for your dates, you really need to focus on your fitness level.

After the gym

There is life after the gym, and I do not spend all of my day at the gym. Once I have finished my gym workout, I go back home and have some light lunch. Most of the time I work the evening shift, however, that is not always the case. Some days, I do try to put in a couple of hours on the day shift as well. I have some gents in my dating diary who prefer to see me during the day time. They are great guys so I don’t want to lose them, so I do make room for them as well.

The evening shift, or night shift, is the busiest time for me as a London escort. Most of the gents that I date on a regular basis, do not finish work until late, and it is mainly after work they want to see me. It can get a bit rushed, and sometimes you feel that your feet don’t touch the ground. I do try to have a breather in between if I can as gents do not want to date a London escort who looks really shattered and tired. It is not always easy, but I do like to look fresh.

After London escort services

London Escorts
London Escorts are Great

I never have a full meal before Is tart to work. Sometimes, when I am really busy, I snack on fruit between dates, just to keep my energy levels up. But, normally, once I am done for the evening at London escort services, I try to have a healthier meal. Most of the girls here watch their diet, and I am no exception to that. Fortunately for me, I love fish so a lot of my meals consist of fish, rice and vegetables. It may sound a bit mean to my colleagues, but I find the girls who eat too many potatoes really bloat out.

As a London escort, it is not always easy to watch your diet. When you go out on dinner dates, you don’t want to be rude and not eat. Recently, inviting a London escort or two to a business function has become more popular. I do that a couple of times per week now, and I think that it might increase in the future. Watching my diet, is going to be even more important. Maybe I need to invent the London escort diet, and call it something like the Red Dress Diet.

Spare time

I do have time off from working as a London escort. When I am not an escort, I am a very ordinary girl and I like to shop, and just have fun in general. At the moment, I don’t have a boyfriend. It would be nice if I did but it is rather hard to fit a boyfriend in around my work at London escort services. First of all, guys get really envious of what you. Most of the chaps that I have dated in my personal life, can’t see it as a\ job, and that is the biggest stumbling block.

So, when I am away from London escort services, I compensate by going shopping. I love to shop, and I have a bit of passion for decorating. My flat has been repainted and remodeled more times than I care to remember. I do like places like IKEA but I have a real soft spot for second hand shops. My flat is full of special bits and pieces that I have bought with my earnings from escort service. I would just love to be a decorator for a living.

Clearly, my life is not that exciting. Girls who are thinking about joining London escort services, think it is going to be all about private jets, and dating really rich guys all of the time. I do date some of those but not all of my dates are multi millionaires. Some of them are but I have to admit that I prefer the run of the mill guy. They are much more fun to be with, and it feels like you have a personal connections straight away. I don’t feel like that when I date really rich guys. It seems that we don’t have that much to talk about.